Preparing For Your Photoshoot – H5 Property

Preparing for your photoshoot.





In order to ensure the best results, please consult our preparatory suggestions below. To make the best of the photographer’s time on location, consider having this done prior to his/her arrival.


  • Turn on all lights, replace burnt out bulbs
  • Turn off ceiling fans
  • Open shades/blinds, let in as much light as possible
  • Mop, vaccuum, and wipe down all surfaces, remove dust and dirt
  • Clear off all surfaces of any extra items, hide all papers, remotes, clutter, etc.
  • Living Room

  • Remove all clutter from tables, surfaces, and window sills
  • Try to minimize appearance of cords
  • Arrange pillows and blankets, remove if necessary
  • Hide remotes and other electronics
  • Dining Room

  • Remove all clutter from table and window sills
  • Remove end chairs
  • Set table if possible, or insert a simple center piece
  • Kitchen

  • Hide as many appliances as possible, limit to 2-3 items on counter
  • Clear off counters from all clutter
  • Remove magnets or papers from refrigerator
  • Remove trash cans
  • Clear off cabinets
  • Bedrooms

  • Make bed, turn ends of pillow cases away from camera
  • Remove all clutter and personal photos from end tables and other surfaces
  • Hide all extra clutter, clothes, or jackets in closets
  • Remove wastebasket
  • Bathrooms

  • Clear off all counter space
  • Hide all bath products
  • Remove extra towels
  • Hide toilet paper
  • Remove wastebasket
  • English