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High-End Branding & Marketing Combining Unique Leads Management


H5|Property provides marketing solutions to support agents and developers in what we believe are the two most important parts of the real estate business; first impression and following up. To increase the business and awareness, we have developed technology with basic marketing principles that brand our clients in the industry and marketplace. In real estate we rely on quality relationships for everything. From growing client databases, obtaining new listings to showcasing the property, building your brand both domestically and internationally is essential to establishing your position as an agent, developer or broker owner. H5|Property can be your partner in getting more listings, selling your properties faster and at the premium rate. Your success is written in blue. Contact us now to learn more.

“63.6% of agents report that finding new clients is their biggest challenge”


After more than a decade in the industry we saw a generic structure in the industry that was creating better results than other ways of doing real estate. From the end of 1990 the team has been involved with marketing, technology, training, start ups, performance management and running different companies in and around the real estate industry with great results. Combining background from real estate, marketing, technology and executive level management we have developed a system that help agents and developers improve their branding, grow the client database and most of all increase their business.


In a very competitive market, standing out as the agent or with a new development is more important than ever. With online rankings of agents, a transparent world, many very professional competitors and a large amount of attractive new developments you have to make sure you are equipped with the best tools out there. Our combination of branding skills, proven sales strategies and marketing experience within the real estate industry for the last 15 years, we can help you and your team to improve your business.

We have a broad portefolio of products to support our branding, sales and marketing strategies! 

Web To Publish

Through our web to publish solution you are able to produce Showbooks™, send postcards, create business cards and mail printed material to your clients from anywhere to anyone. 



Through our web to print solution you are able to produce Showbooks™ for your rental or sales listings. For new development you can tailor your marketing material to the unique buyer or tenant, like you have never seen before. The quality of the Showbooks™ reflects your brand. We have seen this being the most important tool revamp brands around the world, and it is happening in your local market right now. See examples  


Leads Management

Staying in touch with past clients is probably the most essential action you can take in this industry. We have developed a very structured way to take care of your customers and to build your buyer and sellers database. Most of your future clients are closer than you think!


Photo & H5 360 Tour™

Professional photographers make sure that your listings are being presented the best possible way on your web page, property portals and in your Showbooks™. Our photographers are trained in a C.L.E.A.N. concept. This way of taking pictures is creating the detail that makes the big difference! See example.


3D & 2D Floor Plans

Our 3D floor plans will increasingly show the potential in your listing to potential buyers or renters. We have developed a high quality and quick delivery solution for your next listing. See example.


Virtual Rental Office

Are you managing a rental building? We have tools that can help you list and close faster. Get in touch with us and we will show you how we make that happen!


Virtual Sales Office

New developments are being presented in many ways to the potential buyers. We can offer you state of the art products and strategies for your next development. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  


Premium Rendering

With the latest technology we provide Premium renderings for your new development. The quality is better for a reason. Our renderings are made with psychology in mind and the picture real quality is hard to find at a higher quality anywhere in the world! Get in touch and we will show you exactly what we mean. See examples.



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